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Man with face mask reading a book

We all know how we want to show up in life…

Be zen-like.

No judging or snapping…

Do not consume three bars of chocolate when stressed.

Do not attach to thoughts. Meditate.

Do not check 100 times if someone has liked our post…

Be accepting, exercise… do not freak out over ever-growing ‘to do’ list.

Man dancing with a little girl in a field

At a logical level it all seems very straightforward.

At a subconscious level, however, any of the above self love activities can feel terrifying.

Our old programming, beliefs and fears are stored deep in the subconscious and the body.

Play, movement, dance and art are magic healers.

These tools communicate with the subconscious and the body. When we use these tools, we can gain deeper insights and healing into areas such as:

– procrastination

– ‘to do’ list anxiety

– perfectionism

– people pleasing

– relationship issues 

Working with Emma has changed my life!

Even on the run up to Thanksgiving and Christmas I was relaxed for the first time ever.

I’ve cleared so many underlying stories and thoughts that were causing me daily stress and holding me back from who I really want to be.

I’ve come home to the more loving and playful me.

Sharon, mother of two

Philadelphia, United States

“I’ve done different types of therapy before. A lot of the time you sit with the cognitive… which can touch on what we’re doing here, but this is a different level of connection that I’ve not experienced before.

It makes such a difference, for lightness in all things. It’s been really, really, really good for me!”


Veterinary Nurse, mother of two boys, United Kingdom

My heart is still singing with the sheer awesomeness of what was created.

…you did this with such grace and lightness of spirit… I’ve been around many, many different events, but I’ve never experienced your ease, trust and humility and sheer magic. You rock!  🥰😘🎊🌈

Samina Khan

Practitioner in Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), United Kingdom

Healing workshops from the comfort of your own home

The Love Spa healing workshops include:

– Dance and movement meditation

– Creative journaling

– Playdance (a very free form of dance meditation where you can explore movement, sound, journaling and art)

– Tools used by trauma therapists to build emotional resilience… designed to gently and effectively release old trauma from the system

You can attend the workshops live or access the replays (which means you can do each workshop multiple times).


Lady with a prosthetic arm holding flowers
candle and rose petals

‘Treatments’ each month:

Three x 90 minutes Healing Workshops, including dance meditation (attend live or replays available)

Plus plenty of Community Space for integration, support, questions and answers, such as 30 minutes community space following each healing workshop (attend live or access the replay)

1 x 60 minutes Bonus ‘Wild Swim’ workshop (attend live or access the replay – in these sessions where we work with what’s alive in the community)

3 x Dance Playlists from the workshops


Pay what brings you joy!

I believe that even the payment portal can be fun!

I also want anyone to be able to access the Love Spa, regardless of their money situation.

If you’d like to join The Love Spa, please pick an amount that brings you joy below.

I explain a little more in this video…

(Please note: You’ll require the Spotify App to access the dance playlists during the session – this allows us to legally share music internationally… plus the playlists are yours to keep forever).

Choose an amount below to join and get access to all healing workshops, bonus wild swims, meditations and support sessions…

Pampering Bonus

Bad Habits Waxing: Working with habits at a deep, subconscious level

Designed to support healing of sneaky social media addiction, sugary carb cravings or just being addicted to thoughts…

When you sign up today, you’ll also get free access to this bonus replay for free…

This bonus 90 minutes workshop is designed to support you in working with the subconscious.

You’ll also experience inner child and parts work, alongside embodiment and dance.

When are the live sessions?

The live healing workshops are on three Mondays of every month:

– 1pm GMT/ 8am EDT: Live Workshop

– 8pm GMT/ 3pm EDT: Community Replay of the live session

Both the live session and the replay have half an hour of optional, supported community space to chat and integrate after the 90 minutes session. 

Lady in a spa on her phone

Pay what brings you joy!

Find your joyful payment point to become a Love Spa Member and access all healing and dance workshops…

“I’m so blown away with love and gratitude… Playdance was exceptional fun!!

…It was immensely freeing and shifted my low energy state to a wondrous, joyful high. Everyone needs to do it. Pure medicine.

I was so impressed with your holding of the group and sessions and that you did it all with immense loving kindness and consideration for all. Thank you so much 💗💜💕”


United Kingdom (Testimonial from Playdance and 'Living in the Heart' retreat)

The music in Playdance was really fresh, fun and non-restrictive; an exciting platform to get creative!

Emma’s invitations, by setting an intention and therefore a permission from the start, allowed us to free ourselves from a level of restraint found in other movement workshops.

We could re-enact some emotions and range of movements that are socially repressible in an adult world and which would not find a way out in other workshops. Vocal expression was a big part of the cathartic jubilation!


United Kingdom (Testimonial from Playdance and 'Living in the Heart' retreat)

That was literally the Best Thing Ever! 😃🤩😃🤩

That was brilliant and so much fun and filled with giggles and joy!! But it was also a profound experience of connecting with the Earth🌱, which is so important in these times and is so close to my heart. Thanks for your gift, Emma! 💚💛🧡

Kim B Ashton

Composer and lecturer at Cambridge University, parent of one, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cater for people with disabilities and/or special requirements?

Yes. One of the things I love about dance meditation is that is is very adaptable. We can even do an inner dance lying down if we’re feeling exhausted. 

We are happy to accommodate special requirements or needs – please just let us know as much in advance as possible so we can help. We totally believe in win-wins and getting everyone’s needs met.

One of our volunteers, Kirstine, is also supporting any members who identify as ‘neuroquirky’, for instance, if you have ADHD or autism, or are somehow neurodivergent (Kirstine is also providing extra support for our non-binary and non-gender conforming members too).

When are the live sessions?

The 90 minutes healing sessions always begin at 1pm London time (GMT or BST, depending on time of year).

If you can’t make the live session, there’s a replay at 8pm London time.

The Wild Swim bonus 60 minutes session can pop up at any time… (it’s a wild card and we try to vary the time of this session to meet the time zone needs of the group).

What if I can’t make a live session? Will there be replays and when will they be available?

All sessions will be recorded.

If you would like a replay, you can request one. (I stopped posting them up as standard as people were attending live instead)!.

I recommend Emma to anyone that needs a breath of fresh air in their lives. She soars into your life gently and then step by step walks with you through the scary stuff and empowers you to find your confidence and magic again, and surround your family with it.

Nicola Leggat

Parent of one (Testimonial from coaching and workshops)

Working with Emma, I feel listened to and understood, that my experiences are valid and normal, and that there is a path to be found or forged through any difficulty.

She has a great ability to suggest or help me to discover simple, concrete practices to break down habitual, unhelpful patterns of thinking, and to make working on the most painful experiences into an exciting and creative challenge.


Teacher and Performer (Testimonial from Coaching)

Before working with you, I was struggling and couldn’t find my peace. I had a lot of inner turmoil and felt disconnected from life and people around me.

Since working with you I’ve been able to process difficult emotions and difficult experiences. That’s a big change.

Working with you has been a joy. I felt so supported and very understood.

You helped me feel like I’m enough and I am lovable. That hit home in quite a few of our sessions. Now I feel valued and loved – it doesn’t need to be coming from other people. So that’s really precious. I’m really grateful. So grateful.


Cambridge, United Kingdom (Testimonial from Coaching)

What are your qualifications and experience?

– I’m a play specialist with more than fifteen years’ experience in play for all ages, including dance and working with emotions and trauma

– I’ve been a coach for more than five years, including relationships and conscious parenting coaching

I’ve supported CEOs, parents, teachers, performers, charity workers and many more achieve their dreams with more peace, play and ease. 

– Coach in The Work of Byron Katie

I’m a trained and experienced coach in The Work of Byron Katie, which is a powerful way of exploring our painful thoughts to find the truth (for me, always unconditional love). I combine The Work with embodiment and movement.

– Qualified HeartMath Facilitator

HeartMath breathing is a breathing technique shown in studies to improve sleep, reduce depression and improve focus. I bring HeartMath breathing into our meditations at The Love Spa.

– Dance Meditation and Embodiment Coach

I’m a member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association (ICMTA).

I’ve been a teacher for Embodiment Unlimited. Embodiment Unlimited is internationally recognised in the field of conscious movement and embodiment.

– Most importantly, I’m a human being with lived experience of the challenges of life, the Universe and everything!

The tools I share with you in The Love Spa have changed my life and the lives of my clients.

Emma’s energy is undeniably infectious. She cocoons us before drawing on the huge experience and lived understanding of what it takes to overcome fears and difficulties we may be clinging onto.

This is a labour of love, an offering to those parts of us that were never seen, respected or cared for in the way they needed to be.


William Draper

Teacher in Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), father, healer, United Kingdom

Emma has helped me to unravel and heal issues that have been holding me back in my relationships.

I’ve learned so much more self-love and how to give myself time in my routine to replenish and recharge my soul.

If I was to summarise, I’d say:

“Emma, I had all the ingredients, but you gave me the recipe and showed me how to bake the cake.”


Mel, mother of three

United Kingdom (Testimonial from coaching and 'Routine Revolution' program)

Pay what brings you joy!

If you feel a ‘yes’ in your body, become a Love Spa member and access all healing workshops, meditations and support sessions…

Get in touch to ask a question (or to volunteer or apply for a scholarship)

7 + 11 =

I look forward to meeting you soon!


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