We’ve been going through an odd stage of finding dirty underpants everywhere.

Behind the sofa. On the kitchen floor.

I’d spent a whole afternoon helping my son to tidy his room. But that night I spotted a pair of his dirty underpants lurking…

Not in the laundry basket. Not even on the floor.

But in the bookcase.

ALMOST went into my berating parent tone. We spent ages tidying your room. You know where dirty clothes go…

But some magic hit me instead (don’t you love those days?).

“Oh, you’ve got a new book?” I asked innocently. I picked out the underpants and opened them up, “Once upon a time I went to school on a boy’s bottom. We sat on a chair. It was fun.”

Now quite honestly, other days I might’ve gotten an eye roll, but my son giggled for about ten minutes.

After lots of shouts of “Again!” I said, “So where do dirty underpants actually go?”

To my surprise he practically leaped off the bed and put them straight in the laundry basket. Yay!

I was so glad I’d resisted ‘mean mama’ mode.

Because humour is a HUGELY underused tool for getting children to co-operate!


I don’t know about you, when under pressure I’m prone to ‘humour brain freeze’. I want to be funny, but it’s like in the Simpsons when we look into Homer’s brain and there’s just a monkey leaping around clashing symbols together.

I get nothing!

But I’ve got some humour tools which are so helpful for inspiration.

Coming in 2020, I’m launching my ‘Little Book’ series (short read e-books, because you may not have time for a whole book of games!), including The Little Book of Giggles

Turn potential conflicts into funny moments

These Little Books will also be raising money for charity.

And How to Get the Giggles is especially designed for parents, teachers or anyone who interacts with a child (including super-fun relatives!).

You’ll find:

10 Secret Giggle Ingredients to turn any potential conflict into a funny moment

15 Giggly Games to help your child with anxiety, rivalry and phobias, including fun play ideas for babies and older children

There are even giggly games you can play when you’re sleep-deprived, post-new-baby (like ‘Sleeping Parent’ – that’s one of my favourites!).

And the Little Book of Getting Dressed Games is also coming soon, to support us in finding fun in what can be the most challenging time of our day!

Make sure to sign up to my blog to get these Little Books as soon as they’re released…

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How about you?

How do you get your child to giggle?

Have you used humour to avoid a power struggle?

Does your child leave underpants, socks or other items strewn around the house?

Please do let me know! You can share in the comments below. I love hearing from you.

Lots of love and laughter

Emma x

And if you’re looking for tailored support with your parenting challenges, including new loving and playful techniques, check out:

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