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Trailblazing Parenting

Tuesday 12 September until Tuesday 10 October 2023

Plus an optional bonus session on Tuesday 17 October.

(Replays also available)

As trailblazing parents, educators and extended family members, we recognise the deep importance of mental health… for us and our children.

We might be on board with an empathetic, calm approach… but it’s harder than it sounds.

We may face extra challenges of sleep deprivation! 

We might have a child who is highly sensitive or has additional needs (and even defies the conscious parenting books!).

We may be processing our own childhoods and don’t want to pass on our old ‘stuff’ to the next generation.

We want to create spaces where our child can be themselves and be supported in expressing any emotion safely…

In order to do this, we need space to be heard and supported too. 

Mother smiling with son

Techniques for when ‘just breathe’ doesn’t work

Throughout these workshops, we’ll explore:

  • How to use play and games to work with anxiety and big emotions (from babyhood to adulthood), including fear and anger
  • Techniques to release stress for adults, including dance, art, inner child work, trauma release, play and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as ‘tapping’ – we’ll look at advanced methods)
  • How to support our child in moving through trauma (including ‘hidden trauma’ – most of us have hidden trauma), and how we can build self-esteem
  • Sensory and laughter games for all ages, including how to find the ‘giggle point’
parent and child giggling
  • How to adapt methods for family members who are highly sensitive, gifted, neurodivergent and/or have additional needs, including ASD, ADHD, PDA and sensory processing difficulties (because many children just don’t fit the parenting books!)

You’ll also experience:

  • Fun meditation tools (including our housework dance party!) 
  • Tools for dealing with judgement from others 
  • How to use giggly games to work with fear, including separation anxiety and phobias (this can absolutely work for adults too)
  • How to safely de-escalate aggression using evidence-based techniques
  • Three common errors when working with anger and what we can do instead
  • Create win-wins and collaborate with Compassionate Communication
  • How to bring more laughter in our lives, including 10 secret ingredients to a good giggle
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Mother smiling with her two children

Working with you has changed my life!

I’ve come home to the more loving and playful me… now I’m spending so much less time yelling at my kids and so much more time actually playing with them and enjoying them!

…My relationship with my husband is so much better…

I’m amazed at all the changes. Even on the run up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I felt relaxed for the first time ever.

Thank you, Emma! ❤️

Sharon, mother of two, Philadelphia, United States

Father laughing with two children

How it works

Every week for the five weeks course you can join a live support session. Each session includes:

Optional breakout groups to connect with other parents in small groups

Compassionate, playful and trauma-informed parenting tools to support your child’s mental health and development from birth up to adulthood

Space to process emotions… release, recharge and relax each week, including through dance meditation

Q&A space following each session 

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with a link to join the live support sessions.

The live sessions will be on Mondays, 14 November to 12 December inclusive.*

(Replays available of all sessions).

If you can make a live session, you can choose between a Monday at 1-2.30pm London GMT (5-6.30am PDT) or 8-9.30pm London GMT (12-1.30pm PDT).

Or simply catch up with the replays at a convenient time for you. 

To join, simply select the payment point that feels right to you below…

Trailblazing Parenting

Super Early Bird rate

There’s a special Early Bird rate below (limited slots).

Book now to get access for the £80 Super Early Bird rate (the standard rate is £145).

My Qualifications and Experience

  • 5 years as a Conscious Parenting and Relationships Coach, with thousands of hours of training and experience in this field, including a specialism in trauma release
  • Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner
  • More than 10 years working in play and education, including as a youth worker and Forest Schools Leader, building social skills and self-esteem through play, including supporting children referred from social services, and young people struggling in the school environment
  • Trained and experienced meditation facilitator, including in art, laughter, breathwork and dance meditation (Member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers’ Association)
  • Disability Awareness Trainer since 2008, with many years’ experience working with children and young people with additional needs, including autism and ADHD
  • Parent and carer in a neurodivergent family (my most important qualification!) 
Emma, Director and Coach at Love and Play Universe

I’ve been around many, many different events, but I’ve never experienced your ease, trust and humility and sheer magic. You rock!  🥰😘🎊🌈

Samina Khan

Practitioner in Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), United Kingdom

In the national UK magazine, Juno:

“I found Emma from Love and Play Universe and I saw the myriad in which she could help me.

I have had one-to-one coaching sessions and group sessions with her remotely since May 2021, and my outlook on all things has shifted. I describe the changes as spiritual, loving and conscious.”

Jess, parent of 2 and veterinary nurse

Emma soars into your life gently and then step by step walks with you through the scary stuff and empowers you to find your confidence and magic again, and surround your family with it.

Nicola, parent and educator, United Kingdom

You helped me to unravel and heal issues that have been holding me back in my relationships.

I’ve learned so much more self love and how to give myself time to replenish and recharge my soul. Now I have more energy and purpose every day.

We found so many simple tips and tricks, so I could turn around the way I see the drudgery of everyday life and to put the fun and joy back into my routine.

If I was to summarise, I’d say:

“Emma, I had all the ingredients, but you gave me the recipe and showed me how to bake the cake.”


Mel, mother of three and Receptionist

United Kingdom

Trailblazing Parenting

Super Early Bird rate

There’s a special Early Bird rate below (limited slots).

Book now to get access for the £80 Super Early Bird rate (the standard rate is £145).


I hope to see you soon!

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