Thank you and a big welcome!

A huge welcome!

Welcome to Love and Play Universe!

Here we explore tools including dance meditation, art and play so that your healing process can be more fun and joyful (no healing slog necessary!).

You can join a free Embodied Experience workshop every month. (I’ll let you know when that is via email).

I’m not a prolific emailer! I’ll send you an email or two a month letting you know of any freebies or other useful offerings, including free playlists.

My Qualifications and Experience

(Good to know… before you see me with bug underpants on my head below!! 🐞🌿)

  • Play Specialist – 15 years’ experience, including emotional exploration through dance, art and movement 🎵🎨✨
  • Relationships and Embodiment Coach – supporting CEOs, parents, performers, healers, coaches achieve their deepest desires for more than 5 years 💖
  • EFT (‘Tapping’) and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner – Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful form of inner child work which I also combine with embodiment
  • Movement and Dance Meditation Teacher – I’m also a Member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association 🕺🏿💃🙅🏽‍♀️🎵
  • Human being (my most important qualification) – lived experience of trauma and deep healing through play and the tools I share with you here


Emma, Director and Coach at Love and Play Universe

Useful info about dance meditation (and ‘Elf and Safety)…

Your Free Abundance Dance Meditation…

Credit: This inspiring piano music is from pianist and composer, James Southwick. The track was Home… Away from Home, from his album, Running Around A Hill.

How can I support you?

I offer:

– Regular free and paid healing workshops

– Deep inner child somatic healing programs

– Opportunities to work with me through one-on-one coaching


Shaking, Roaring and Releasing Playlist

Support your release practice (EFT, dance, shaking, clearing…) with this playlist.

It’s designed to help you warm up your body… moving to release at the peak of the playlist, followed by music to support a return to stillness.

Or you can just pick a track or two and trust that’s all you need!

Here’s the Spotify Shaking, Roaring and Releasing Playlist

If you need a non-Spotify version, please drop me a line and I’ll set up the same playlist on YouTube too.


Housework Dance Party Playlist

Perk up your housework, shake out old conditioning, sing, hum, play!…

Here’s the Spotify Housework Dance Party playlist

Note: If you’re not already on Spotify, you can usually get at least a month free trial. It totally rocks my world (and my housework!).

Similarly, if you need a non-Spotify version, just let me know.

James Southwick’s music

The free Abundance Dance meditation above features the piano music of pianist and composer, James Southwick.

If you’d like to hear more about James’s music and events (including live yoga and piano events online), please visit You can buy James’s stunning album, Running Around a Hill as a CD through his website, Facebook page or you can download the album from Bandcamp.

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