I’ve left the emojis in, because that’s how the messages came – I do love an emoji! 🥰💖💃🐪🐒🦸🦹

Thanks you so much to everyone so much for your words which light up my heart!

Workshops, Retreats and Playdance

My heart is still singing with the sheer awesomeness of what was created.

And you, Emma, were the vision holder, the manifestor and you did this with such grace and lightness of spirit… I’ve been around many, many different events, but I’ve never experienced your ease, trust and humility and sheer magic. You rock!  🥰😘🎊🌈

Samina Khan

Practitioner in Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), United Kingdom

That was literally the Best Thing Ever! 😃🤩😃🤩

That was brilliant and so much fun and filled with giggles and joy!! But it was also a profound experience of connecting with the Earth🌱, which is so important in these times and is so close to my heart. Thanks for your gift, Emma! 💚💛🧡

Kim B Ashton

Composer and lecturer at Cambridge University, parent of one, United Kingdom

I’m so blown away with love and gratitude at what an incredible, incredible weekend. I feel incredibly blessed. ☀️🎉🎊🌈🌈 Emma and James you are the manifestation wizards… so much gratitude 💖💖😘.

The Playdance was exceptional fun!!

It was amazing to get into such a deep playfulness with such a lovely group of people. It was immensely freeing and shifted my low energy state to a wondrous, joyful high. Literally so much fun. Everyone needs to do it. Pure medicine.

I was so impressed with your holding of the group and sessions and that you did it all with immense loving kindness and consideration for all. Thank you so much 💗💜💕 mwah 💋


United Kingdom

Playdance gave me a chance to dance with my inner child and connect to the inner children of my fellow dancers.

The music was fantastic – inspiring fun and play with a sense of wonder. I enjoyed finding hidden animals and fairytale figures in myself!

And for the whole retreat, wow- so much talent, skill, love, inspiration and emotional honesty. I am so happy to have had this experience and it gives me hope for being part of/ creating a more heart-centred connected world. Thank you everyone 💕 🌈

Giulietta M Spudich

Children's author, United Kingdom

The music in Playdance was really fresh, fun and non-restrictive; an exciting platform to get creative!

Emma’s invitations, by setting an intention and therefore a permission from the start, allowed us to free ourselves from a level of restraint found in other movement workshops.

As we were invited to share an intention, the group multiplied our inspiration, bouncing off one another while each individual found their own voice in the group dynamic, sometimes watching and getting back in with a fresh impulse, very much like we once did in the playground.

We could re-enact some emotions and range of movements that are socially repressible in an adult world and which would not find a way out in other workshops. Vocal expression and contact was a big part of the cathartic jubilation! 


United Kingdom

Coaching and Mentoring

Emma has helped me to unravel and heal issues that have been holding me back in my relationships and she taught me how to let go with love.

We found so many simple tips and tricks, so I could turn around the way I see the drudgery of everyday life and to put the fun and joy back into my routine. Enjoying the process was key!

I’ve learned so much more self love and how to give myself time in my routine to replenish and recharge my soul. Now I have more energy and purpose every day.

If I was to summarise, I’d say:

“Emma, I had all the ingredients, but you gave me the recipe and showed me how to bake the cake.”


Mel, mother of three and Receptionist

United Kingdom

Before working with you, I was struggling and couldn’t find my peace. I had a lot of inner turmoil and felt disconnected from life and people around me.

You helped me feel like I’m enough and I am lovable. That hit home in quite a few of our sessions. Now I feel valued and loved, and I’m able to feel like that about myself now – it doesn’t need to be coming from other people. So that’s really precious. I’m really grateful. So grateful.

Since working with you I’ve been able to process difficult emotions and difficult experiences. That’s a big change.

Working with you has been a joy. I felt so supported and very understood. You have a lot of empathy and care and that means a lot. And you have a very pure intention which I think is beautiful.

Nat, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Working with Emma, I feel listened to and understood, that my experiences are valid and normal, and that there is a path to be found or forged through any difficulty.

She has a great ability to suggest or help me to discover simple, concrete practices to break down habitual, unhelpful patterns of thinking, and to make working on the most painful experiences into an exciting and creative challenge.

James, United Kingdom

Working with you has changed my life!

I’d never done coaching or mentoring before, but I’m so glad I did.

You make everything so achievable. Just one step at a time, but those little steps make miraculous changes!

You helped me stop and take care of myself – it was truly amazing to see how much happier and more patient I was in every aspect of my life. I always wanted that, but could never find the time before to do it.

I have daily meditation and yoga (with Adriene – love her!), healthy eating and self-care in my life which I never had consistently before. And I’m so grateful that you even helped me find ways to make the chores fun!

I’ve come home to the more loving and playful me. And now I’m spending so much less time yelling at my kids and so much more time actually playing with them and enjoying them.

My relationship with my husband is so much better. I’ve cleared so many underlying stories and thoughts that were causing me daily stress and holding me back from who I really want to be.

And the mentoring brought my attention to all different areas of my life, not just my parenting or my relationship. With you helping me move through my fears and my blocks, I finally became a volunteer at the care home I mentioned once a week, which I love and it’s now leading to potential work! It’s such a highlight of my week.

You’ve been so helpful and supportive in helping me to not only figure out my goals, but also how to reach them and to bring me greater happiness. You truly helped me figure out what I need to be happy.

You’ve helped to transform our lives in so many ways. 

Thank you, Emma! ❤️

Sharon, mother of two, Philadelphia, United States

I had some hesitation about seeking coaching last year in a tough phase, even though I had done gentle parenting courses, but when I discovered Emma’s work and felt her presence, I knew I could dare to try it out.

I was very emotional and nervous to ask for guidance, but I felt supported and safe enough to open up. Emma’s way of holding space for me was graceful and focused, and yet playful. This put me at ease.

Emma showed me fresh perspective and facilitated healing. I loved how practical it was. 

I’m so grateful to Emma for holding space for me at this difficult turning point.

A lovely benefit of working with Emma is that it opened up for me a pathway to finding my confidence, to leave a situation that wasn’t supporting my son enough and taking too much of my energy. I am so happy now and love seeing my son blossom.

We came up with some things I could do to create connections with other mums… Emma was beautifully creative about this, where I couldn’t think straight and felt quite isolated. I am now so much more connected with other mums, dads and feel embedded more comfortably in the community.

I have also had the opportunity to be part of a peaceful parenting workshop that Emma has facilitated, as well as coaching, and I was amazed by her ability to work both one on one and in a group. She lit up many mums lives and continues to do so from what I have witnessed and heard about from others.

I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to create positive change in their lives when they feel stuck and can’t quite see what’s happening with their own habits and lifestyle, and how that might be affecting their emotional realm and their families.

I believe Emma to be a true advocate who works with such passion and joy and I find her methodical, focused and able to plan and guide even when someone is in a state of overwhelm and feels erratic. She has humour and the capacity to hold non-judgemental space.

I recommend her to anyone that needs a breath of fresh air in their lives. She soars into your life gently and then step by step walks with you through the scary stuff and empowers you to find your confidence and magic again, and surround your family with it.

Nicola, parent, United Kingdom

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