Tantra Dance

Deepen your relationship with your body.

Explore healing through pleasure.

Be supported in practices designed to help you:

Work with suppressed emotions using pleasure to help re-set the nervous system (we’ll cover practices to support a sadgasm, shamegasm, angergasm…)

Learn how to remove layers of trauma and old beliefs using pleasure

Tealights shaped into a heart

 – Explore the benefits of inner child work and inner teenager work using play 

– Release blocks to your full freedom in your animal body (including releasing your voice and exploration of a ‘wildgasm’)

Explore fantasy and imagination (including connecting with your inner sovereign)

Discover how to have a ‘whole body orgasm’ through practices designed to support letting go and surrender

Sessions take place over Zoom – this online space brings deep freedom to explore movements, sounds and play that can be very difficult to explore in front of others (videos and mics are off during the dance and pleasure meditations).


Pay what brings you pleasure!

Simply choose the payment point that feels right to you for – the rates below include:

Five one hour Tantra Dance sessions over five Tuesdays, 8.30-9.30pm London BST (12.30pm PST/ 3.30pm EST), beginning Tuesday 31 May

– Five pleasure playlists*

– Optional community space following each session, 9.30-10.00pm London BST (1.30pm PST/ 4.30pm EST)

*You’ll need the Spotify App and ideally Spotify Premium (free trials are usually available if you’re new to Spotify) if you want to access the group playlist (optional)

Pay what brings you pleasure for the Tantra Dance (5 x one hour sessions)
(choose from three rates):

– £145 if you’re feeling money abundant

– £95 is the standard rate

– £45 is the lowest rate for if you’re on a low income, or if it would just bring you pleasure to pay this lower amount

All amounts are perfect and gratefully received. There really is no right or wrong, just whatever feels good to you!

It doesn’t matter which of the three rates you choose, you will receive all the same benefits.

Tantra Dance – Pay what brings you pleasure:

Your payment includes access to the five live sessions and the replays which will be available during the course and one week after the course ends.

See you soon!

Any questions – please just send me a message:

Get in touch

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