Time management tools for self-love

Time management tools for self-love

Do you want to get through your to-do list with both efficiency and self-compassion?

Would you like to make more space for your passions, purpose and/or rest?

I really enjoyed this video interview with holistic time management coach, Becca Rich.


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I personally find Becca a fountain of knowledge and compassion. We learn practical techniques to help us follow through with our self-love, our passions and purpose, including:

– how to be both practical and forgiving

– how to celebrate with our inner child

– a variety of tips to help us make progress and find balance

In this interview you’ll experience a self-loving meditation and an exercise to support your time management:

Resources and links mentioned in the video

Here’s Becca’s website www.beccarichwellness.com.

There you can find out more about Becca’s work, get the ‘Have Done list’ exercise for free, and receive other top time management tips. Plus you can follow Becca on social media:

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How about you?

What was your experience of doing the exercises in the video?

What do you find challenging when it comes to managing your time?

Have you got any great time management tips?

Please do share below in the comments!

Becca and I would love to hear from you!

Love Emma x

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