Have you ever wanted to feel more confident in your singing?

In this video interview with professional vocal coach, Liuba Doga, we’ll discover the joy of singing like when we were children and find more confidence in our voice.

(Without the expectations, and maybe self-comparisons to Whitney Houston!).

Cat with its mouth wide open as if it is singing

In this interview you’ll learn one meditative singing exercise with the breath (I felt really calm after doing this one), and another exercise to grow our confidence and feel into the joy of singing.


Resources and links mentioned in the video

Here’s Liuba’s website www.singingattitude.co.uk.

There you can find out more about her workshops, including private one-to-one sessions, group sessions for adults, plus confidence workshops for children.

Here’s a link to her song which got to the Semi-Final of Eurovision selection, One Thought Away, which Liuba describes as a song she wrote about her spiritual connection.

In the interview Liuba talks about overcoming nerves to sing to 66,000 people… Here’s a link to that moment when she sang One Thought Away at Leicester Stadium.

Charity Playdance Meditation: Dancing with your Inner Child

And if you’re interested in exploring your voice and singing through Playdance Meditation, head on over to our Events and Workshops page.

And finally, you can sign up to get a free dance meditation below:

I hope you enjoyed this session as much as I did!

Lots of love Emma x 

Parent playing with her child lifting him into the air
Mother and child hugging showing positive parenting and conscious relationships

The fun way to heal

From one-on-one coaching to free workshops and housework dance parties, find our more about how you can heal through happiness and play.

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