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One-on-one positive parenting support

I know you’ve read lots of books and blogs already.

You’ve done the bleary-eyed Googling late into the night which gives you even more information, but not quite the solutions you were hoping for.

You want to talk to someone who understands child development, and gets your commitment to being kind and respectful to your child.

You want solutions tailored to your specific situation.

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How I can help: support tailored to you

Maybe you’re having to deal with constant meltdowns or rudeness. Perhaps it’s sibling rivalry, school anxiety or that little Jimmy wants to put his new baby sister in the bin (and worse!).

You could be having conflicts with your partner over parenting, feeling classic parenting guilt or self-shame, not ever finding time for you or your important projects, or you just want to get out the door every morning without a battle.

Whatever the stress points in your day, I can help you remove them.

Whether you’re home-schooling or mainstreaming, bed-share or sleep separately, have a child who has special needs, is gifted (or both at the same time), I’m here to help you find the right solutions for you and your family.

Through one-to-one positive parenting coaching, you’ll find:

  • solutions tailored to your specific situation, including your child’s personality, your values, and your family circumstances
  • creative and kind techniques that aren’t covered in the books (and while you love the books, you don’t have a spare 28 hours to read them all)
  • someone who’s experienced to listen and answer your questions, who won’t interrupt and talk about their own issues – you get to talk the whole time about you, and we’ll find the solutions that feel right to you. 
It’s been such a great journey working with Emma. She’s been so helpful and supportive in helping me to not only figure out my goals, but also how to reach them and to bring me greater happiness. She’s truly helped me to figure out what I needed to be happy.
Sharon, mother of two (ages 4 and 2), United Kingdom

What does a one-on-one coaching session involve?

We’ll talk for 60 minutes on Zoom, over the phone, Skype audio (or feel free to suggest another medium if you’d prefer). And you can chat to me in your jammies, with the cat (or babba) on your lap.

It’s like talking to a non-judgy friend, but I come equipped with years of experience working with children and teenagers (including play work, self-esteem building and work with ‘challenging’ kids).

And I’m a parent, so I know exactly how hard it can be.

We’re both experts. 

You know yourself and your family better than anyone. I’m a catalyst, a coach and a creative soul.

You can talk to me about your frustrations and we’ll come up with new solutions together. We’ll find a new way forward, without spending countless hours on Internet searches and in forums.

We’ll even fit in a relaxation technique to help you feel really good by the end of the session (instead of post-Google binge eye-rubbing).


Working with Emma, I feel listened to and understood, that my experiences are valid and normal, and that there is a path to be found or forged through any difficulty.

She has a great ability to suggest or help me to discover simple, concrete practices to break down habitual, unhelpful patterns of thinking, and to make working on the most painful experiences into an exciting and creative challenge.

James, teacher, United Kingdom

How much does it cost?

Option 1: Emergency Home Repairs 

We’ll work on your top stressors over the course of an hour:

  • Talk in depth about whatever’s causing you stress right now in a safe, non-judgemental space
  • Experience a relaxation technique tailored to you, including visualisation and HeartMath breathing (scientifically shown to reduce anxiety and stress), which you can take into your daily life
  • Working together, we’ll find creative solutions for your specific situation and circumstances, to bring you peace and a new way forward

Cost: £59 for a one hour session (convert to your currency)


Subscribe to the blog and get one hour of coaching for £20* (convert to your currency).

Signing up is totally free, and you’ll get a free e-book called How to Get the Giggles, with fun games you can play with your child).

*The £20 coaching offer is for a limited time and is subject to availability, so if you feel the pull or you’re simply feeling curious, please do get in touch to book now or ask a question. 

And if money is really an issue for you, please still get in touch. I offer a limited number of free sessions too for those who really can’t afford the cost of a coaching session.


Option 2. Extensive Home Improvements 

Book five sessions, and get the sixth one free.

I recommend having these sessions weekly, or over two months, but we can work around your personal circumstances (this is support tailored to you after all). You’ll get:

  • Ongoing regular support and accountability, with 6 x one-hour sessions and email support
  • A comprehensive toolkit tailored to you and your situation, dealing with multiple stressors
  • Relaxation and meditations specifically for you, incorporated into your sessions
  • Unlocking your inner wisdom to empower you for the future, and make real, lasting changes 
  • I aim to bring you more peace and happiness (even if your child burst in on every toilet break!). I’ll help you feel proud and super confident in your parenting style.

My job is to help you parent from your soul.

To give you tools to clear out and strip away the negativity, self-judgement and anxiety, so that you can be your true, loving self.

Playful. Compassionate. Happy.

And we’ll look at how you can nourish your child’s true spirit and self-esteem too, and support all the relationships in your life.

Cost: £354 for six sessions (Convert to your currency)

I have a limited number of these sessions available due to the time commitment required. Again if you feel a pull towards these sessions, please do get in touch to book now, send a question or arrange a chat. 

I recommend doing a one hour coaching session first (you can currently get a one hour coaching session for £20 when you sign up to the blog, for a limited time and subject to availability). This helps us to get to know each other and you can decide if I’m the coach for you.

Get in touch to book or ask a question

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What are your qualifications?

(Please note: I’m a parenting and life coach, which means I help you find the right solutions for you. I’m not a qualified therapist and I’m not qualified to treat or diagnose any conditions. Coaching is not a substitute for medical support and professional assessment for you and your child. I am part of your wider team of professionals!)

In addition to being a parent coach and life coach, my qualifications include:

  • More than seven years experience in education, including outdoor education (Forest Schools Leader NVQ Level 3), working with families and a wide range of children, from pre-schoolers to young adults, helping to build confidence, social skills and self-esteem through play
  • I’ve worked with children and adults with disabilities and special needs, including children with autism and ADHD, and I’m a qualified Disability Awareness Trainer
  • A broad range of relevant training and experience, from conflict management and leadership, to storytelling and puppetry (and oddly, I’ve combined those skills, using puppets to diffuse conflicts… perhaps not to be tried in a Die Hard hostage negotiation)
  • A degree in Psychology BSc, plus further studies in Child Psychology and Child Development
  • Most importantly, I’m a parent of two and I have first-hand experience of raising a child on the spectrum

Think I can help you and your family? Use the contact form below to book now or ask a question about coaching sessions.

Other FAQs…

Can my partner sit in on my coaching sessions?

Your partner (or any other key carers, like granny and grandad) are welcome to get involved in the coaching sessions if they are willing and keen.

Do you run group sessions or workshops?

Yes to both.

If you have a group of friends and want to be coached as a group, then please do get in touch. 

This can be a really fun way to support each other, have accountability (and confidentiality) between friends, and this is a less expensive way to benefit from tailored coaching. We can use an online group platform like Zoom, in 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes coaching sessions, usually over six sessions.  

I also run tailored workshops over a day, tailored to your group’s needs, including creativity and relaxation time (because as parents we all need that, right?). So it’s like a learning, coaching and mini-retreat combined.

We can cover a topic of the group’s choice.

For example, a focus on relationships, parenting through play, or practical ways to make lasting changes to our routine to find more happiness, playfulness and fulfilment (this includes proven techniques for losing our addictions to phones, screens, chocolate… <insert your vice here>) and creating lasting change.

The cost would depend on the number of people involved in the session, venue if in person, and the length of each session (1 hour to 1 hour 30 or a full day workshop).

Please do get in touch to discuss or arrange a call.

Can you meet face to face?

I love meeting my clients in person. I am happy to offer face to face meetings, depending on location. I am based out of Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds, in the United Kingdom. Again, please get in touch to discuss.

And do let me know any further queries you might have.

Lots of love

Emma x

Get in touch to book or ask a question

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