Join Jayaraja and Jenny Owen in this series of six free Mindful Communication workshops.

We’ll be discovering:

– How to work with our triggers and traumas

– How to give heart-opening, conscious compliments

– How to respond consciously to aggression using Mindful Communication

Jayaraja with his 'right and wrong' hat, where one hand is pointing to him and the other is pointing outwards

And lots more.

The tools that Jayaraja and Jenny share here have been transformational to my relationships and particularly in conflict situations.

Jayaraja has been teaching Mindful Communication for more than two decades and trained under Marshall Rosenberg – the founder of Nonviolent Communication (or NVC) for more than six years.

Jenny Owen comes from an education background as a teacher, and now teaches Mindful Commuication in schools. She provides mediation and conflict coaching to young people and adults and runs a mediation charity.

You’ll find all six free videos on this page:

Video 1

1. How to deepen your relationships with Mindful Communication

Video 2

How to work with our triggers and traumas using Mindful Communication

Video 3

How to expand our language and involve the heart in Mindful Communication

Video 4

How to give conscious compliments using Mindful Communication

Video 5

How to make conscious requests (without a needy or demanding energy) using Mindful Communication

Video 6

How to consciously respond to judgement or aggression using Mindful Communication


If it would bring you joy to donate to the restoration of Alfoxton Park House as a retreat centre…. you can send a donation to Jayaraja’s team at

A huge thanks to Jayaraja, Jenny and all the participants and hope you enjoyed these sessions.

Love Emma x 

Jayaraja wearing a hat with hearts pointing out in different directions
Mother and child hugging showing positive parenting and conscious relationships

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