Even more love, play and laughter

You’re already amazing!

What you do on a daily basis is incredible (and yes, we parents don’t always remember that!).

You’re the chef, the play therapist, the nurse, cleaner, giant teddy bear, sleep therapist, teacher…

Whether you have a toddler, teen or if you haven’t had children yet, you’ve probably read a heap of books and blogs on parenting.

Here we also focus on you and your needs, including your need to receive as well as give…

Because as parents we often forget that we have needs too (society trained us to put others first – it’s deep in our conditioning, even if it drains us).

Sometimes we put all the responsibility on ourselves to meet our own needs.

I’m here to help you thrive rather than survive… so that you can meet every need that you have, as a whole human being, with creative aspirations, with a desire for passion, to be heard, to be understood, to be acknowledged and appreciated for the beautiful mind, body and spirit.

Lion puppet holding toy tools

Creative tools for when you’ve tried everything else

Maybe we’ll use giggly games to release tension. Or get dressed pretending to be dragon riders. We might dance, have a sock fight or go on a space adventure to release anxiety and moodiness.

This is parenting the fun way.

We’re going to help our children – young and old – to want to do what we’re asking, so we can avoid the threats, bribes and power struggles.

You’ll find playful and compassionate techniques that really work – that you can adapt to your child. 

And we’ll cover proven tools to help us with our relationships, self-love and self-forgiveness, and following our own passions too (which often get swept under the toy-and-crumb-covered carpet).

Step by step, I’ll make it easy for you to transform your parenting world into a more joyful, playful and peaceful place to be.

I offer one-on-one coaching support tailored to you and your child. Because I know your situation is totally unique. 

And you’ll find lots of free resources here, including my FREE e-book of simple games to tackle anxiety and bring more laughter into your home. Just pop your details in below to get it now… totally freebie McFree…

Girl on swing

Tackle the hardest parts of your day with play, love and laughter.

Toy lion holding tools

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