Events, Workshops and Programs

Here you’re find details of forthcoming live events, workshops and programs, including:

– ‘How to Have a Successful Meltdown’ free workshop

– The Love Spa: Release, Relax and Recharge

Columns of money with plants growing out of the top, with a nature background

Grow your money abundance with your inner child

Tuesday 27 July, 2-3pm London BST (9am EST/ 6am PST)

We’ll be using embodiment, journaling, creativity and inner child work in this workshop.


Attending the online event live is free. The replay will be available to purchase.

Explore and heal money blocks at a deep level, including:

– Money patterns you’ve picked up from parents or even ancestors
– Deep, sub-conscious beliefs around money
– The wisdom of your heart on where to go next in your money journey

Join via the Zoom link.

If the Zoom room becomes full, I’ll also stream live to the Love and Play Universe Facebook page.

Group of people on a roller coaster

How to Have a Successful Meltdown

This work has absolutely changed my life.

We’re talking roller coasters, Vulcans and stress.

In this free workshop discover how to us the ‘giggle point’ to overcome fears, as well as other playful, fun and compassionate ways to work with stress, including how to prevent trauma in ourselves, our children and other loved ones.

Free ‘How to Have a Successful Meltdown’ workshop.

Workshops and Programmes

Woman sat on a sofa looking cosy with a mug of hot water with a heart floating in the mug

The Love Spa:
Release, Relax
and Recharge

The Love Spa workshops and meditations are designed to support you deeply in your relationships.

Inner child discos: We work with clearing your old limiting beliefs using dance, movement, EFT (tapping), play, creative meditations, inner child work and more.

The Love Spa is currently closed but re-opens in Autumn.

Try out a free ‘Abundance Dance Meditation’ from The Love Spa below… and you’ll be one of the first to know when The Love Spa re-opens if you’re on that mailing list (with a maximum of two emails per month – not lots of sales emails!).

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