Events, Workshops and Programs

Each month I offer a free healing workshop.

Through the year I run workshops including dance meditation classes including art or The Work of Byron Katie.

You can join The Love Spa (see below) for workshops with conscious dance and regular support.

Join my free email list (see the bottom of this page) to keep up to date with workshops (you’ll also get a free dance meditation pack, including two playlists!).

Man with face mask reading a book

The Love Spa:
Weekly workshops with dance meditation and play

Each workshop includes a variety of supportive tools, including movement and dance, creative meditations, inner child work and more.

The Love Spa is designed to help you heal old programs at a deep, subconscious level… in a way that feels fun and joyful.

We work with people pleasing, finding our true voice, perfectionism and lots more…

Find out more about The Love Spa.


Group of people on a roller coaster

How to Have a Successful Meltdown

This work has absolutely changed my life.

We’re talking roller coasters, Vulcans and stress.

In this free workshop, discover how to us the ‘giggle point’ to overcome fears, as well as other playful, fun and compassionate ways to work with stress, including how to prevent trauma in ourselves, our children and other loved ones.

Free ‘How to Have a Successful Meltdown’ workshop.

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