One of the most transformational things I’ve ever encountered in my life has been The Work of Byron Katie.

Struggling to find peace in my marriage, I turned to my friend and coach, Corrina-Gordon Barnes.

Corrina is a super talented and intuitive coach and facilitator of The Work. She was once described by NY Times Bestselling author, Tony Robbins, as a “passionate and articulate agent for change” (though she doesn’t talk about this – she’s humble like that!).

If you have any thoughts that don’t feel good, that feel like an old frumpy dress, a baggy pair of pants or an 80’s power suit that doesn’t fit… read on!

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Podcast interview with Corrina Gordon-Barnes – The Work of Byron Katie

In this free podcast interview, you’ll discover:

– What is The Work of Byron Katie and why can it be totally transformational?

– How Corrina used The Work to re-gain peace and happiness after some extremely challenging life events

And I’ll be doing The Work live with Corrina on a triggering situation with my ex-husband!

So tune in and listen below!

Important: Later in the podcast, Corrina uses the sh*% word in our discussion (our apologies if you find that offensive in any way), so if you have children around, you may like to listen through headphones.

Practising The Work didn’t save my marriage, but it did save the love beneath it.

And doing The Work combined with other practices, such as HeartMath, coaching, relationship work and dance meditation, I was able to explore what I deeply wanted, for me and my ex-husband and my kids…

I wanted us to be happy. I wanted what was in everyone’s highest good.

And now, down the line… both my ex-husband and I are in long-term relationships and we feel super happy where we are… and we’re genuinely pleased for each other too!

Our kids love our partners and our family does not feel like a broken one. It feels like an extended one.

I have friends in similar situations, where their families extend, where children may not be anchored in one home, but they are anchored in love from the adults in their lives.

Life isn’t perfect! Ha ha – I’m still doing The Work.

But I can honestly say, right now, life it’s beautiful beyond my imagination.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast! 

You can find out more about Corrina at ❤️

Love Emma x

And here’s the video mentioned in the podcast… 

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