Dance The Work of Byron Katie

Saturday 2 July 2022

2.30-5pm London BST

(Online – you can have your video on or off, it’s very free)

6.30am-9pm PST/ 9.30am-12pm EST)

I love The Work! 

Sometimes this simple process has taken me from sobbing and helplessness to peace and ease in as little as twenty minutes!

This is a meditation on our stressful thoughts.

When we’re hijacked by painful thoughts and beliefs, the four questions of The Work can help to set us free.

Woman with arms behind her head

In this workshop we’ll explore:

– The four questions of The Work

– How to bring trauma release into The Work

– How embodiment tools and movement can be combined with the questions and turnarounds of The Work

– The session also includes dance meditation to help you move through whatever you’re ready to release.

You can be experienced or completely new to The Work of Byron Katie.

You can also be experienced or completely new to conscious dance and movement.

Please note: You’ll need Spotify Premium to access the workshop playlist (approximately 45 minutes), or you’re welcome to play your own music or work without music.

Pay what brings you joy!

To book, simply choose the payment point that feels right to you.

Pay what brings you joy for Dance The Work of Byron Katie (online):

– £45 if you’re feeling money abundant

– £30 is the standard rate

– £15 is the lowest rate for if you’re on a low income, or if it would just bring you pleasure to pay this lower amount

All amounts are perfect and gratefully received. There really is no right or wrong, just whatever feels good to you! If £15 is too much of a stretch, just ping me a message below.


Sat 2 July – Your payment includes access to the 2 1/2 hour afternoon workhop, including the dance playlist which is yours to keep:

Hope to see you soon!

Any questions – please just send me a message:

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