Love and Play Meditations

You don’t have to sit in the Lotus position for six hours here.

If you can do that, that’s amazing, but if you’re like most mere mortals who’ve spent much of lives at a desk, you might find that a bit uncomfortable.

You definitely don’t need to be some kind of yogi master to meditate.

And you don’t have to clear your mind.

Here we use techniques that help meditation feel easy, fun and light, that create win-wins for mind, body and soul including:

Bear coming out of a toolbox

– Dance and movement meditations

– Creative Visualisation (a bit like one of those ‘Choose your own adventure’ stories, with a meditative spin)

HeartMath, which is a breathing technique that combine breath and positive emotions. It has a heap of scientific research behind it, it’s used by NASA and the Mayo Clinic, and helps the heart and brain come back into balance.

I use these techniques in my meditations, which you can experience through my courses, workshops, events and coaching.

Watch this space though as I’m working on the following for download soon:

– children’s meditations

– healing meditations

– quick movement break meditations

– guided meditations like Peace Tree, a guided meditation for a busy mind where we lovingly look at those thoughts and then hang them up in a tree

You’ll be able to download these too so you don’t get the pings.

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