Dance It Out:

Dance and stress release tools combined

It’s fun, it’s yummy and I feel really supported.

The sessions open a beautiful portal to my inner self and I can explore emotions in a completely different way.”

“I love the different invitations and revisiting my drawings from the evening has been so useful.

I feel calmer, more relaxed and lighter 💓.

Jan, Cambridge, UK

Woman dancing with pink headphones on

Fun, affordable stress release…

Each month there are 3x 1 hour dance sessions designed to help you let go of stress in your system:

🎵 ‘Dance It Out’ 💃🏾✨🎶

🎵 Housework Dance Party 🚽🕺🏾🎶

🎵 Procrastablocks session:  For any important tasks or passion projects that you’ve been putting off… release your procrastination blocks through dance and movement, followed by a co-working space where the dance can continue! 💻🤸🏽🎶 

I don’t think I’ve danced like that since I was 16!

The space is very open, very welcoming, very non-judging, very non-labelling… very unlike anything I’ve done before… and clearly has helped me in areas that were not getting helped by other techniques.

I’m quite a cerebral person generally, but with Emma’s sessions I enjoy letting my mind take a rest.

A day or two after the session, I feel a shift in my outlook or how I feel.  I don’t question or analyse it, I just enjoy it!

It’s like a weekly reset.

Sally, semi-retired farmer, Cornwall

The benefits of dance to your body

Bring in happy hormones and clear stress hormones from the system through movement…

These sessions are for you if you’d like to:

  • Have a regular practice of conscious dance from the comfort of home 💖 (often we can find more freedom with no one to see us!)
  • Explore joyful trauma release techniques/ stress relief tools, combined with dance 🎶
  • Make the housework more fun and fulfilling 🚽💃🏾✨
  • Move forwards on tasks that are important to you (that you may have been procrastinating due to hidden blocks) 🕺🏾💚
  • Plus there’s the option to connect with others on the journey in a community 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼👨🏿‍🤝‍👨🏽🤗

No previous experience necessary.

Affordable dance

The membership is designed to be inclusive and enable anyone to access these classes, regardless of financial situation. 

Membership is £10 a month, which includes all three dance sessions.

In the national UK magazine, Juno:

“I found Emma from Love and Play Universe and I saw the myriad in which she could help me.

I have had one-to-one coaching sessions and group sessions with her remotely since May 2021, and my outlook on all things has shifted.

Jess, parent of 2 and veterinary nurse

My Qualifications and Experience

  • Play specialist with more than a decade working in play, including in healing modalities of dance, art, embodiment and laughter
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT or ‘tapping’)
  • Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (MR combines EFT and inner child work)
  • 5 years as a Relationships Coach, with thousands of hours of relevant training and experience, including parts work, inner child work, and working with trauma through the body
  • Teacher for Embodiment Unlimited in their series on trauma recovery
Emma, Director and Coach at Love and Play Universe

What Emma offers in her workshops is truly extraordinary.

All parts of me were in utter JOY 🙌 playing, dancing…. it’s a very long time since I’ve felt so utterly nourished and radiating joy.

Saheera, United Kingdom

When are the live sessions?

The live sessions are on Mondays, 8-9pm London GMT/BST.

(12pm PDT/PST or 3pm EDT/EST)

When you join, you’ll be sent the dates for the month and these will also be posted in the Facebook group.


Are there replays and watch parties?

Yes there are replays. Replays are often available within an hour of the live session if you’re accessing via Facebook.

You can also set up your own ‘watch party’ in the group. This is where members of the group can watch the video at the same time.

How does it work?

Step 1. Join the Community Page

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a link to a private Facebook community (if you don’t have a Facebook account, see below).

You’ll see there details of when sessions will be livestreamed on the community Facebook page.

If you’re not on Facebook and don’t want to join, please do get in touch, as alternatives to accessing the sessions can be arranged (for instance, you can set up a Facebook account simply to join this membership, or join the Zoom live call) 😊✨.

It’s recommended to request to join the group well in advance of the session if possible. You’ll be asked to give the email address that you signed up with (the group is only accessible to members).

Step 2. Accessing the playlist beforehand

– Before the session, you’ll receive a link to the community playlist on Spotify. This is an optional playlist that you can keep. You are also very welcome to play your own music if you’d prefer.

– To access the optional community playlist, you’ll need the paid version of the Spotify App called Spotify Premium – it’s relatively cheap for unlimited music and you can usually try it out for free for 1-3 months.

Without Spotify Premium, you’ll get adverts on Spotify (not so relaxing while dancing), plus often it can be hard to actually access playlists… so Spotify Premium is definitely recommended.

You’ll want to make sure you download Spotify before you start the session.

You’ll also want a device that can play two windows at once (laptop/ PC/ Mac) 💻 or two devices (one to play Facebook/ Zoom and one to play Spotify) 📱📱.

This sounds super complicated in theory, but it is actually straightforward in practice!

Thank you for introducing me to Spotify! It’s actually helped me more learn about myself – it makes suggestions for me it’s introduced me to lots of new music that I really like and wouldn’t have otherwise found.” Kirstine Weaver, UK

Step 3. What can I expect in the session?

The session will start with an intention and topic for the dance.

This could be bringing our attention stress and blocks around money or health. 💸💚

Alternatively you can simply bring something that feels important to you, like a difficult relationship where you want to find some relief.

Then for most of our session we’ll dance. I’ll give dance invitations, such as parts of the body to bring awareness to as you dance.

There will also be invitations to explore your blocks, for instance, through drawing them out. 

You’ll have space to warm up, then there will be a more active part of the dance where we might ‘shake off’ or release our stress using different techniques. Then we’ll move into relaxation.

You can also spend the whole dance lying down if that’s what you need.

This is space to tune into the needs of your own body.

We’ll finish with any reflections from the group.

Is this accessible if I have a disability, injury or health challenge?

This sessions involve tuning into you exactly how your body wants to move. This means it is potentially accessible to anyone.

You can spend the whole session lying down if you wish

If it’s helpful, you can let me know any accessibility requirements beforehand and I will do everything I can to accommodate you.

Throughout your psychological, physical and emotional safety remains your responsibility. Do check in beforehand with yourself to check if you think you’re in a good space to join.


Hope to see you soon!

To ask any questions – please just send me a message:

Get in touch

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