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Chances are, you’ve already done a lot of ‘inner work’. You’ve read the books and attended courses which have been magical and opened your mind. 

On a conscious level, you know how you want to be in the world… but on a sub-conscious level, maybe you’re still getting triggered by:

Your partner/ child/ mother/ ex/ in-law/ life/ business/ self <delete as appropriate!>

And when we’re triggered, an inner child part of us takes over (or inner teenager!). The 4 year old that was never heard or who was misunderstood. The child who spent years shoving down anger… or the people pleaser who helps everyone else.

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“Emma soars into your life gently, then step by step walks you through the scary stuff and empowers you to find your confidence and magic again. I recommend her to anyone who wants a breath of fresh air in their lives.”

Nicola, mother of one and Reiki practitioner, United Kingdom

Working with Emma has changed my life!

I’ve never done coaching or mentoring before, but I’m so glad I did.

She helped me stop and take care of myself – it was truly amazing to see how much happier and more patient I was in every aspect of my life… I always wanted that, but could never find the time before to do it.

I’ve come home to the more loving and playful me! 

Sharon, mother of two (ages 5 and 3)

Philadelphia, United States

How I support you in your healing

I’m a play, relationships coach and well-being coach.

– I support you in healing your key relationships, whether that’s with a partner, ex, family member or even your boss.

– I can help you if you have a child who is highly sensitive, anxious and/or your child has Austistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.

– I also help you move through blocks in your business or creative project, so that you can have lots more fun, playfulness and ease in your work.

Often we need to go right back, between the ages 0-6 years old, to find the memory where your fears, negative beliefs or triggers began.

I’ll teach you tools to find and heal these memories and traumas at a sub-conscious level. Healing the subconscious and old memories is key to our well-being, both emotionally and physically.  

One super valuable tool I use to support you in this is Matrix Reimprinting, where we visit your past self, or ‘ECHO’,  and transform the memory and belief. This is the gentlest, most powerful and fun healing tool I’ve ever used (and I’ve done A LOT of healing work!).

Legal bit: I’m a coach, EFT Practitioner and Matrix Practitioner. I am not a medical practitioner and do not diagnose, treat or offer medical advice. I am part of your team of professionals.

What are your qualifications and experience?

– More than five years working as a play, relationships and well-being coach

I’ve supported families, teachers, actors, charity workers and business leaders achieve their dreams with more peace, lightness and playfulness.

– Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Matrix Reimprinting is the fastest, most effective and most enjoyable route I’ve found to rewriting past traumas and old stories that can hold us back.

– Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner

EFT uses the acupuncture points (with no needles!) to help clear stress and old stories in the subconscious. We also use this in Matrix Reimprinting.

– HeartMath Facilitator

In our sessions I teach you how to use HeartMath, a breathing and visualisation technique used by organisations such as NASA and the Mayo Clinic. In studies HeartMath has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress and improve sleep and performance.

– Trained coach in The Work of Byron Katie

The Work is a very powerful process for exploring any thought or judgement that’s causing you pain.

– Embodiment and conscious dance leader

I help people to find deeper places within themselves and healing through embodiment work, alongside all of the above.

Play and creativity specialist

I’ve worked and trained in play for more than 15 years, including finding answers to our deepest questions through dance and other forms of art, as well as working with children and adults to build self-esteem and development through play.

Coaching one on one support

For one on one coaching, I have sliding scale depending on what you can afford:

£220 an hour (standard rate)

£110 an hour (lower rate for those who can’t afford the standard rate)

£50 an hour (for people who are BIPOC, LGBTIA, single parents, carers, people with disabilities, people from non-affluent countries, concessions or for whatever reason you cannot afford the standard or lower rate).

Choose whichever rate feels good in your body. 

Please get in touch using the contact form below if you’d like to work with me one on one. 

I hope to virtually meet you son! 

Emma x

Please get in touch to book your one to one session

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Join us at The Love Spa!

Find your inner sanctuary at the Love Spa (there’s even a Love Spa Disco!).

Woman sat on a sofa looking cosy with a mug of hot water with a heart floating in the mug
Person reading a book in a dressing gown with a glass of wine.

Working with Emma, I feel listened to and understood, that my experiences are valid and normal, and that there is a path to be found or forged through any difficulty.

She has a great ability to suggest or help me to discover simple, concrete practices to break down habitual, unhelpful patterns of thinking, and to make working on the most painful experiences into an exciting and creative challenge.

James, actor and teacher, United Kingdom

I had some hesitation about seeking coaching last year in a tough phase, even though I had done gentle parenting courses, but when I discovered Emma’s work and felt her presence, I knew I could dare to try it out.

I was very emotional and nervous to ask for guidance, but I felt supported and safe enough to open up. Emma’s way of holding space for me was graceful and focused, and yet playful. This put me at ease.

Emma showed me fresh perspective and facilitated healing. I love how practical it was. 

I’m so grateful to Emma for holding space for me at this difficult turning point.

Such a lovely benefit of working with Emma was that it opened up for me a pathway to finding my confidence, to leave a situation that wasn’t supporting my son enough and taking too much of my energy. I’m so happy now and love seeing my son blossom.

We came up with some things I could do to create connections with other mums… Emma was beautifully creative about this, where I couldn’t think straight and felt quite isolated. I am now so much more connected with other mums, dads and feel embedded more comfortably in the community.

I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to create positive change in their lives when they feel stuck and can’t quite see what’s happening with their own habits and lifestyle, and how that might be affecting their emotional realm and their families.

I believe Emma to be a true advocate who works with such passion and joy and I find her methodical, focused and able to plan and guide even when someone is in a state of overwhelm and feels erratic. She has humour and the capacity to hold non-judgemental space.

I recommend her to anyone that needs a breath of fresh air in their lives. She soars into your life gently and then step by step walks with you through the scary stuff and empowers you to find your confidence and magic again, and surround your family with it.

Nicola, Reiki healer and parent, United Kingdom

Join us at The Love Spa!

Find your inner sanctuary at the Love Spa (there’s even a Love Spa Disco!).

Woman sat on a sofa looking cosy with a mug of hot water with a heart floating in the mug
Person reading a book in a dressing gown with a glass of wine.

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