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The place where your healing journey gets fun…

Discover healing workshops using dance, creativity and inner child work at The Love Spa.

Man with face mask reading a book

Here you are welcome as you are

…and you don’t need to wait to find peace

You don’t need a perfectly de-cluttered, feng sui home.

(You can totally have toilet roll trailing from room to room like in my house, courtesy of my five year old!).

You don’t need the perfect body/ partner/ child/ seven-figure business (delete as appropriate).

You don’t need to be perfectly in the present moment, have healed all your past wounds or be perfectly self-loving.

We celebrate and dance with it all, sometimes literally.

Every part of you is welcome and invited to play and be heard with love.

Hi, I’m Emma and welcome to Love and Play Universe!

I’m a relationships and play coach, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, as well as a conscious dance leader…

I help you clear your triggers and heal your old wounds at a sub-conscious level through dance, play, art, inner child work and creative meditations.

The tools I use have completely changed my life… and the lives of my clients too. 

Find out more about how you can work with me.

“Emma soars into your life gently, then step by step walks you through the scary stuff and empowers you to find your confidence and magic again. I recommend her to anyone who wants a breath of fresh air in their lives.”

Nicola, mother of one and Reiki practitioner, United Kingdom

“Working with Emma has changed my life!

I’ve never done coaching or mentoring before, but I’m so glad I did. Emma helped me stop and take care of myself – it was truly amazing to see how much happier and more patient I was in every aspect of my life… I always wanted that, but could never find the time before to do it.

I’m amazed at all the changes. Even on the run up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I felt relaxed for the first time ever.

Before I was yelling at my kids and now I’ve come home to the more loving and playful me.”

Sharon, mother of two (ages 5 and 3)

Philadelphia, United States

“Working with Emma, I feel listened to and understood, that my experiences are valid and normal, and that there is a path to be found or forged through any difficulty.

She has a great ability to suggest or help me to discover simple, concrete practices to break down habitual, unhelpful patterns of thinking, and to make working on the most painful experiences into an exciting and creative challenge.”

James, actor and teacher, United Kingdom

“My heart is still singing with the sheer awesomeness of what was created.

And you, Emma, were the vision holder, the manifestor and you did this with such grace and lightness of spirit… I’ve been around many, many different events, but I’ve never experienced your ease, trust and humility and sheer magic. You rock!  🥰😘🎊🌈”

Samina Khan

Practitioner in Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), United Kingdom

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